Cameron and his Dinosaur Book Review

Ahh, childhood memories.... In Middle School, back in the day of the early 2010’s, there was one book in particular I loved to read at the school library. Its name? Cameron and the Dinosaurs, a 2009 graphic novel by Scott Christian Sava. It tells the story of Cameron, a young boy in a wheelchair who encounters four living, talking dinosaurs: Brachiosaurus leader Vinnie, Tyrannosaurus fighter Charlie, Pterodactyl scout Dee Dee, and Triceratops tactician Lizzy. After initially being terrified of them (as you’d expect), he befriends them. However, the evil Professor Pointdexter C. Poppycock and the organisation BURPS (Brotherhood of Universal Revolution for Political Subterfuge), who created the dinosaurs, want to recapture them to take over the world. Its up to the dinosaurs and Cameron to stop them and save the day from them and four evil robots built by Poppycock. Between the premise of dinosaurs, and its unique disabled hero, I was enamoured with it. I had the great fortune through a

Salaamasaurus eopostus!

Hello, salaam, and bonjour, everyone lucky enough to stumble upon this (to those from Discord, hello to you too). Welcome to Mesozoic Mind. My name is Zain Ahmed. I am not a bona fide palaeontologist, writer, or artist. In fact, I have not even started college, university, or any post-secondary education yet. Rather, I am simply just a young adult with a love of the natural sciences and history. Nevertheless, I have a ton of projects both personal and real, and in fact i’m already working on a book of mine, which you will see throughout this place. I will display others of these ideas here, as well as so much more, such as reviews of all thing palaeo: books, shows, documentaries, movies, and even places, by which museums and attractions, though given 2021’s current situation its unlikely at best). I will also give my own thoughts and opinions* about trends and events in palaeo-media, paleoart, and sci coms (that’s science communication). *And also Rants, depending on how bad I’m feelin